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About the cottage "Bologna"

Spacious terraces provide the cottage harmony and comfort

It is difficult to resist the charm of the urban views of Bologna. The best of them open from the falling towers of the city, located on the east of Piazza Nettuno. German architect working on the project “MAYETOK. Jewel of Italy" tried to convey all the beauty and atmosphere of the Italian province, implementing the project of the house "Bologna".

Two-storey comfortable cottages are designed for 3 bedrooms. The cottage provides harmony and comfort with spacious terraces, from which the elegant architecture of the cottage town and the refined courtyard with a pretty design which is open to your eyes.

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Layout of your future house

All cottages of “MAYETOK” complex have a free layout, so that you can create your house by yourself and plan the house according to your ideas.

How rooms of your house can look

What is included in the price of the cottage "Bologna"

We can directly prepare a “turn-key” cottage for you. To save your time, we can make design repair and prepare solutions for landscape design by ourselves. 

Centralized communications in the town
asphalt road from Odessa highway to the town
metal-plastic windows
metal tile roof