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About the cottage "Sicily"

A luxurious terrace overlooking the forest will allow you to feel a unity with nature

Cottage SICILY is the pride of the collection of houses of the cottage community "Pearl of Italy". This house is distinguished by the harmony of architectural forms, well-planned planning decisions and the presence of a luxurious terrace with views of the forest and the town. On the first floor of the house there is a large dining room with kitchen and a spacious living room, with large panoramic windows on both sides. The house is located in the center of the town in a spacious area of regular shape.

Layout of your future house

All cottages of the complex MAYETOK have a free layout, so that you can create your house by yourself and plan the house according to your ideas.

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1st floor
kitchen-dining room
38 м2
8 м2
3 м2
dressing room
7 м2
12 м2
9 м2
living room
45 м2
2 этаж
3 bedrooms
22/23/44 м2
10 м2
21 м2
dressing room
10 м2
45 м2

How rooms of your house can look

What is included in the price of the cottage "Sicily"

We can directly prepare a “turn-key” cottage for you. To save your time, we can make design repair and prepare solutions for landscape design by ourselves. 

centralized communications in the town,
asphalt road from Odessa highway to the town
metal-plastic windows
metal tile roof


Foundation: pile field, reinforced concrete floor slab


Walls: hollow ceramic block «Porotherm», 38 cm thick (TM of the Austrian concern «Wienerberger»)


Metal roofing with an original profile shape


Windows: double-glazed windows of the German brand «REHAU»


Doors from the profile system «REHAU»


Carport for 2 cars


Heat supply: unified gasification system for all cottages


Centralized automatic water supply system using pumps from leading foreign manufacturers («Grundfos» - Germany and «Calpeda» - Italy)


The depth of artesian wells is 116-120 m. (You can drink water from the tap)


Centralized sewerage system with complete biological treatment FLEXIDIBLOK station


Power supply: own transformer substations with the allocation of up from 20 kW to 45 kW for each cottage