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About the cottage “Tuscany”

The cottage is created for true connoisseurs of family traditions.

Tuscany is the cradle of Italian art, architecture and gastronomy. Mountain landscapes, surrounded by the sea, thermal waters - all this makes life in this place a continuous holiday. Settling in the cottage "Tuscany" you can find all the best for a happy life. It is created for true connoisseurs of family traditions. Favorite faces and relatives get together, have a leisurely conversations and enjoy each other.

In the neighborhood live those who fully share your understanding of peace, comfort, home and stability. Large and well-designed rooms make your stay in this cottage very comfortable. Natural stone and paints of gentle tones, used in the decoration of the house, even in the winter season will remind its inhabitants of the sunny summer days.

Layout of your future house

All cottages of the complex “MAYETOK” have a free layout, so that you can create your house by yourself and plan the house according to your ideas.

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How rooms of your house can look

What is included in the price of a cottage "Tuscany"

We can directly prepare a “turn-key” cottage for you. To save your time, we can make design repair and prepare solutions for landscape design by ourselves. 

Centralized communications in the town
 asphalt road from Odessa highway to the town
 metal-plastic windows
 metal tile roof