On the St. Nicholas Day Eve

Children always on the eve of the celebration of St. Nicholas's Day find gifts under the pillow, in socks attached to the fireplace or in shoes.

Interesting Facts:

They say that the Wonderworker Nicholas advised to do good deeds secretly! In some countries of the world, they believe that Saint Nicholas the Wanderer visits houses in the company of the little imp and the angel. Obedient kids receive gifts from the Angel, and the guilty - the rods from the devil. Saint Nicholas, Wonderworker Nicholas - people know him like this. He is considered to be one of the most revered saints, people believe that he is closest to God and Jesus Christ.
 Saint Nicholas is known as the patron of people engaged in trade, children, travelers, orphans, sailors, farmers, all those involved in beekeeping, and even wild and domestic animals. Moreover, the Gypsies, the Buryats, the Kolmyk Buddhists, in honor of Saint Nicholas, called the God of longevity and prosperity, the Elder Bely and the priest Michola. The Orthodox believe that it is the Wonderworker Nicholas who holds the keys to heaven.