On the St. Nicholas Day Eve

St. Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 19, in the middle of the first winter month. From year to year, small Ukrainians are waiting for gifts from St. Nicholas, who traditionally leaves them under pillows or inside the shoes. Everyone believes in his miracles and that he brings gifts only to the obedient children.

Saint Andrew's Day - one of the first winter holidays

The name comes from the name of the Apostle Andrew the First-Called. The night before is the time of the girl's divination - it was believed that girls and young men on the night of Saint Andrew's Day can see their betrotheds.

Halloween together with Dreamland

Halloween quest in the kindergarten of the Luxury Cottage complex “Mayetok”. Puzzles, crosswords, fascinating riddles and sweet rewards - our Halloween holiday in Dreamland was a success.

Five principles of successful creativity

Creativity needs to start developing from birth. This will give the kid the opportunity to learn to think out of pattern. And now creativity and non-standard are valued. Therefore, teach children from infancy to be creative in the most ordinary situations, encouraging curiosity and a desire for novelty.

Top 3 factors while choosing a cottage town

What do you pay attention when choosing a house in the countryside? Based on the experience of our residents, there are 3 main factors that affect the quality of life outside the city.

Autumn riot of color in MAYETOK

Golden autumn is a time that inspires creativity. You just want to paint the outdoor space with a picturesque palette of nature. Combining types and shades of seasonal flowers, landscape designers of the cottage complex MAYETOK create simply magical compositions!