Kindergarten "Dreamland"

For the young residents of the cottage complex “MAYETOK” cottage complex, there is an educational center "Dreamland". This is a unique place for bright creativity and successful teaching of children, where every child can feel his own personality, get to know the world, make new friends.

In the complex  “MAYETOK”, thanks to outdoor activities, children have the opportunity to learn all the beauty and nature of the surrounding world. Here, every child will find home comfort, friendly atmosphere of the staff, games and outdoor activities. Teachers and educators of the center are professionals with professional qualifications and designed to give joy and knowledge to children.

For small residents of “MAYETOK” we offer 3 groups opened: 3-4 years, 4-5 years, 5-6 years.

Construction works

Choosing our company, you will get a reliable partner and you can be sure that you will receive high-quality, on-time and positive-oriented assistance. Specialists of our company are ready to perform for you a full cycle of repair and construction work at the highest level, starting with the preparation of an order draft before the “turn-key” delivery.

Individual approach and mutual understanding with the customer at all stages of the project - this is the formula of our work with you. One of the main advantages is also an adequate pricing policy and the provision of guarantees for all types of work.

Author's supervision

Anyone who has already passed the test of construction, repair or other types of complex work, knows that many questions arise in the process. All of them require a quick and qualified solution, and this requires experience and knowledge. To keep under tight control all the work, you need to visit the facility quite often. Exactly during such visits various issues can be resolved, the design of the project is adjusted, the purchase and replacement of materials is agreed upon.

The company “MAYETOK” is ready to provide Architectural supervision services that will allow the customer to receive additional guarantees, reduce risks and improve the quality of project implementation.

Landscape Design

When the construction or repair comes to the end, it is time to do gardening and landscaping the backyard.

Modern landscape design is not just a project or a drawing, but a whole complex of works connected with a thoughtful decision and aimed at creating a unique atmosphere in the territory of a country house.

The main task of landscape design is to create harmony and beauty combined with convenient use of the infrastructure of buildings. And we are pleased to offer you such services at a high professional level.